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Four Seasons is a “mom and pop” operation consisting of Ralph, Metra, Weston and Cody Appa. We pride ourselves on being small enough to provide excellent and intimate customer service to our clients with a local knowledge that comes from living in McCall for over 14 years and raising two boys in our local schools (which we love by the way).
The Appa’s originally hail from upstate NY, Kingston specifically where Ralph was challenged by a 20 year career in law enforcement and eventually retired as a Chief of Police from the Town of New Paltz Police Department. When we moved to Idaho in 2001 Ralph thought he had found his dream job, working as an Idaho Fish & Game officer but eventually found the Beautiful City of McCall and decided to take another job as the Chief of Police in McCall where he served the community until 2005 and decided to semi-retire as a property manager, purchasing Four Season Rentals from a local friend and realtor, Michael Wood. Metra’s career took a completely different path by putting her finance degree to good use working in banking for a number of years before settling in to a full time mom position after our second son Cody was born. We think that the combination of Ralphs experience in law enforcement and Metras background in finance serves our clients well as Ralph has a good gut reaction for screening good tenants and Metra is great at doing our billing and getting out the monthly statements to our owners. Our sons Weston and Cody have thrived growing up in the small town and have excelled in both academics and sports, playing varsity football and wrestling for our McCall Donnelly Vandals. The boys are helpful with assisting Dad in the multitude of services that we offer in the property management side of our business doing lawn care during the summer and moving snow in the winter as well as generally helping out with repairs and renovations when needed.
Owners Page;
Four Season Rentals & Property Management is the only exclusively long term rental & management company in McCall. We specialize only in long term rentals because we believe that by being specialized we can provide a better level of care and intimacy when dealing with both our owners and the tenants who rent from us.
What we do for our owners; if we are chosen to manage your property we charge a management fee from 10-15% depending upon the nature and number of properties we manage for you. In return you receive a guarantee of intensive tenant qualification screening which includes an application, credit, reference, and criminal background checks. We also advertise your property in the Star News as well as Craigs list and this website and we conduct all tenant showing and interviews all at no cost to you until we get your property making money for both of us!!! We collect the security deposit and any relevant pet fees up front and when the tenant leaves we make sure your property is returned to the original condition that you entrusted us to keep it in. We take care of any repairs that may be required to maintain your property and give you copies of all the bills along with the statement and check that you receive from us each month in the mail. We like to meet with our owners in person when possible to go over their specific wants, needs and desires for their property which then is formalized into the Management Agreement contract that we both agree to and sign together.
Other Services; As part of the property management end of our business we offer a full range of any expected services that might be required to maintain or even upgrade your property to the standards you desire. We do a lot of the handyman type work and cleaning services ourselves but we have a list of specialized local contractors who we know, trust and rely upon when services such as plumbing, electric and advanced carpentry/builders and required. We offer full lawn care services during the summer months including landscaping and in the winter we are fully equipped to handle and snow removal needs that may be required. We are staffed to tend to your property from something as simple as installing batteries in the smoke detectors to as advanced as a complete renovation or remodel.
Other Special Services; If you want your property to be carefully watched over and tended to while your away, we also offer to do a weekly walk through of your property for a basic rate of $50/month which includes a visual inspection of the inside and outside of your house as well as flushing toilets and running the water to keep the traps full. If you haven’t heard, some insurance companies have failed to provide coverage for a property that has been damaged while an owner is away for an extended period if a regular inspection service is not in place. A small price to pay for the peace of mind that you can have knowing your property is well looked after in this sometimes harsh and unforgiving mountain environment that we know and love so much!!!